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Key Features of the ErgoShred Fat Burner

PROVEN Fat-Burning

Every ingredient is backed by real research - each causes lipolysis (fat burning!) and/or motivates you to get to the gym!

Amazing Mood/Focus!

Not only will it put you in an incredible mood, but ErgoShred will keep you focused in the gym (and at work) too!

Healthy Appetite

This isn't some unhealthy, "starve yourself" pill. We WANT you to eat, but to do it smart - and we'll help with our free e-book!

Jitter-Free Energy

Other products use gobs of caffeine for you to "feel it", giving epic crashes. ErgoShred does far better using clean energy.

ErgoGenix ErgoShred:
The FEEL-GOOD Fat Burner!

ErgoShred.com is the unofficial fan site for ErgoShred, an epic energy- and focus-boosting fat burner made by ErgoGenix. ErgoShred is without a doubt the most well-researched, responsibly formulated, and flat-out effective fat burner we have ever touched.

Just below is an extremely detailed video review that discusses each ingredient. If you’d rather read, then check out the story under the video and read about the research studies yourself!

ErgoGenix ErgoShred

Try it Now!

My Story with ErgoShred

Ever felt like you needed a nice, motivating kick in the pants to get your diet back on track?  What about improving your focus at work?  How about doing both?!

But before we get into that, I’d like to go back in time for a quick story.

A few years ago, I was dieting, and decided to try a popular fat burner. My story begins (and shortly ends) at the local health store, where I was sold on the “latest and greatest”.

I remember thinking, “Now this will be the motivation to get me back into the gym!” Excitedly, I popped a serving’s worth of capsules before I was even in the car.

By the time I was home, I was a nervous mess.

A half hour later, I was terribly sick to my stomach too! What was in this stuff? Turns out, it was a few green tea ingredients, topped with 300mg of caffeine!!!

What on earth does anyone need 300mg of caffeine for?! I am good to go after a nice cup of coffee! So I returned the pills, never to touch them again… and promised myself to do better homework next time.

Now let’s fast forward back to 2012.

Feel Good (Real Good) While Dieting – with ErgoShred

My name is Renee, and I’m a 28 year old female. I’m a writer working on a nutrition price comparison website. After researching and writing about enough of these products, I was convinced that it was time for me to see if any of them were really worth their salt.

I asked my boss, Mike, if he had any fat burner recommendations – there were just too many for me to choose from.

The conversation went like this:


Me: “So I’m thinking of trying one of these weight loss pills. What should I try??”

Mike: “Definitely… but are you on any prescription drugs?”

Me: “Nope, just had a good physical.”

Mike: “Awesome. Trust me — Take 1 of these and see if you can finish the article you’re working on.”

A Black Bottle of Mood-Enhancing Magic

He handed me a shiny black bottle. ErgoGenix ErgoShred.

Mike is not a bodybuilder, but he’s very fit and seems to know pretty much everything about all of this stuff. So trust him I did.

I took the bright orange cap with some water, and got back to my writing assignment – comparing research studies on BCAAs (yay…)

About 10 minutes later… Hey! I perked up and noticed that I was smiling for no reason. “That’s kinda cool,” I thought.

I then found myself tossing a little joke into the BCAA write-up. Now, if you’ve been around the stuff long enough, you’ll know that BCAAs are awesome, but they’re not exactly joke material. Something cool was going on here!

I finished the write-up, and pounded out another 1000 words of content in what seemed like 20 minutes. I felt motivated, focused, and… dare I say… perky!!


“Mike – This is awesome! WTF is in this?!” I called over to him.He just smirked and gave that self-assured nod that only guys know how to do.

“Ready for a new assignment?” he asked.

And here we are.

That was 30 days and 8 pounds ago.On and off over the last month, Mike and I have been researching and writing about the ingredients in this incredible product. I also got started on the Fat Loss Factor diet plan, which we’ll discuss at the bottom.

As an FYI, we don’t work for ErgoGenix (the creators of ErgoShred), nor are we affiliated with them in any way.

We just love the hell out of this stuff. Now it’s my job to tell you why.

…That was 30 days and 8 pounds ago…

ErgoShred is undoubtedly the most well-put-together weight loss pill we have seen. As we’ve researched an written about each and every ingredient, it starts to make sense why this stuff works so well. ErgoGenix has outdone them all.

And we’re not alone. As I write this, there’s an average 9.5 rating between all of the other online stores – a total of 53 reviews!! That’s unheard of!

When you start taking ErgoShred, you’re going to feel the following:

  •  Incredible mood and focus. Simply to the point of smooth. This hits quickly, and we’ll explain why.
  • Motivation. The best times to take this? Before work, and before workout. You will NOT slack.
  • A fair bit of heat, but not too much. This is definitely a thermogenic fat burner, and it helps boost your metabolism by getting your system to expend more energy.
  • No Jitters or other nasty side effects! There’s only 50mg of caffeine per capsule. Turns out you don’t need 300mg to get the job done, but you can vary the dosage as you see fit!
  • healthy appetite. I didn’t eat for hours after that crazy pill years back. Turns out, starving yourself is NOT the way to burn bodyfat. I never feel sick or starved with ErgoShred.
Click Here to Try ErgoShred at the best-priced store!

..or see the price compares to the right!

So if there’s only 50mg per capsule, what IS in there??

My ErgoShred Review – The Ingredients

When researching what’s in ErgoShred, things become pretty clear. Every ingredient has a purpose – whether it’s for lipolysis (fat burning), mood and focus, or is a metabolism-boosting pick-me-up that boosts and supports the other ingredients.

A few themes keep popping up when looking at each ingredient:

  1. ErgoGenix did not go cheap here. They went out of their way to get the highest-quality, safest extracts.
  2. They perfectly blended the stimulants. You really don’t need a ton – you just need an effective mix that works.
  3. They used a few ingredients that aren’t really found anywhere else.

So what’s in here?!

  • Propionyl-L-Carnitine – The Carnitine that Works for Fat-Loss

    Propionyl-L-Carnitine, for starters – that’s what’s in here. This is the secret fat-burning weapon in ErgoShred… not so secret anymore since it’s loud and clear as the first ingredient on the label.

    Maybe you’ve heard of L-Carnitine. It’s an amino acid that’s in basically every living creature. We all have “carnitine pools”, and the different versions of carnitine do different things.


    Quercetin is a natural, legal, and perfectly safe performance enhancer!

    For a while, supplement manufacturers tried putting L-Carnitine in their fat burners. In theory, the science showed that it should burn fat. But it simply didn’t work.

    It turns out that L-Carnitine is great for cardiovascular health, but it’s the PLCAR, or Propionyl-L-Carnitine, that actually stimulates energy production in muscle cells. Just what those researchers were originally looking for!

    PLCAR works with the mitochondria — your power plant cells that are everywhere — and when energy is produced, you move closer to burning fat!

    When taking L-Carnitine, so little of it gets converted to PLCAR that it’s not even worth having – and that’s why those old fat burners with standard Carnitine failed.

    But ErgoGenix’s CEO, James Klein, is too smart for that kind of guesswork.

    So he decided to cut to the chase, spend the extra money, and put the good stuff in ErgoShred: Propionyl-L-Carnitine – Ingredient #1.

  • Quercetin – The Natural, Fat Burning Performance Enhancer

    “Quercetin? Isn’t that the stuff in those energy drinks?” you ask…. just as a light bulb goes off in your head.

    Quercetin is a natural, legal, and perfectly safe performance enhancer!

    Yes, it is. It’s in those energy drinks because it is a smooth, natural performance booster that has a ridiculous number of benefits.The main benefit we’re interested in is its ability to improve your energy metabolism when you take it orally. When it goes to work on this “metabolic pathway”, it induces lipolysis, and fatty cells come under attack and get converted to energy.

    But that’s not all. Quercetin is a powerful performance enhancer. It significantly raises VO2max in endurance athletes, and gives everyone a longer “time to fatigue”.

    By longer time to fatigue, we mean that athletes were lasting 10-15% longer. Say goodbye to dropping that 6th mile. Say goodbye to having trouble on that 10th rep.

    Quercetin, derived from fruits like berries, is completely safe and the research is legit. Great, unique addition to ErgoShred here.

  • β-Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) – Mood Enhancer and Motivator

    You’ve probably heard of those studies that show that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) has all sorts of healthy compounds? Well, the one that makes you feel so awesome is Phenylethylamine, also known as PEA.

    It’s a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter, and it brings on a quick burst of dopamine in your brain.

    When I first took ErgoShred, it was THIS ingredient that got me riled up and smiling so quickly!

    I seriously wanted to leave work and go to the gym – it’s that kind of motivation. Instead, I pushed my motivation to work — but after that first dosage, I decided to use it to get my butt into the gym.

    B-Phenylethylamine HCL

    If you think CHOCOLATE makes you feel good… wait til you feel the PEA in ErgoShred!

    After doing some research, I learned that this one doesn’t do a whole lot for fat burning. It does get you responding faster and keeps you focused longer, by increasing the amount of dopamine in your brain.

    You can read sources and see more on the Phenylethylamine page.

    But this is all perfectly fine – it’s the one ingredient that gets you in the mood to hit the gym, where the rest of the ingredients can do their work on burning fat and speeding your metabolism up.

    Try it and you’ll see. It’s like the awesome feeling from winning a game or eating chocolate, minus the calories and guilt associated with the chocolate. It’s that ever-so-slight “high” feeling that puts ErgoShred over the top, as far as I’m concerned.

    When used right, PEA is incredible. Not every ingredient needs to heat you up and boost your metabolism — especially when it makes you feel as awesome as this!

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 50mg per Capsule to Speed Everything Up

    Of course, a fat burner wouldn’t be worth it’s salt if it didn’t at have at least some caffeine.

    Surprisingly, this was one of the most interesting ingredients to research.

    The good news about caffeine is that it is synergistic with every other ingredient in ErgoShred. It is the true stimulant that increases the “turnover” of several functions in your body.

    With caffeine, things simply happen faster, and that’s a great thing when you couple it with the other fat-burning and metabolism-boosting compounds in ErgoShred.

    ..but you don’t need that much!

    ErgoShred Review - Energizing Fat Loss... without the Crash!

    Energizing Fat Loss.. without the crash – thanks to these incredible orange capsules!

    But the kicker is that you only need so much caffeine to get the job done! You don’t need 300mg of caffeine to get improved athletic performance or fat burning. Going beyond your limits simply brings nasty side effectswith no extra benefits!!!So ErgoGenix was smarter. They made it adjustable – 50mg per capsule. For me, I’d take 2 pre-workout and I would be ready to rock.

    Most guys find 3 capsules as their money spot before working out. That’s actually a lot less than other pre workout supplements, and that’s fine – with the ingredients above and below, you don’t NEED a ton of caffeine. My entire point!!

    And then you can dose it on the “opposite end” of the day to keep yourself amped up just enough to keep working and make it to bed without jitters at all.

    The max dosage is 6 capsules in a day, spread throughout 2 dosages. That equates to 300mg of total caffeine – less than what a lot of Starbucks addicts get – and well within nearly everyone’s healthy tolerance levels.

    When you have legit ingredients, you simply don’t need tons of caffeine. Say goodbye to side effects and thank you to ErgoGenix for finally doing it right!

  • Click Here to Try ErgoShred at the best-priced store!

    ..or see the price compares to the right!

  • N-Methyl-Tyramine HCL (NMT) – The Secret Weapon

    Outside of PLCAR, I consider this be the other ErgoGenix secret weapon. It’s been around forever, is well-researched for decades, but is just now making it into the health and fitness community.

    This incredible little stimulant helps your brain release just a bit more norepinephrine, which is often associated with your body’s “fight or flight” response. Sounds scary, except you’ll feel the opposite of fear when you make this happen.

    It’s important to realize that our bodies are “programmed” to store fat so that it can be burnt in important situations like these!

    It’s essentially a minor trick you’re playing on your system in order to get it to move in the direction of fat burn. When norepinephrine is secreted, you mobilize fat by releasing glucose from energy stores (burning fat!) and improving bloodflow.

    You’ll feel alert and your mood will definitely be elevatedYet another reason why this is the Good Mood Fat Burner.

    But don’t let the norepinephrine and flight-or-fight stuff scare you. This is 1/140th the strength of epinephrine (aka adrenaline).

    Our bodies are “programmed” to store fat…

    ..so trick it into mobilizing that fat!

    In fact, ErgoGenix already makes a product with just this stuff – it’s called NMT. You shouldn’t mix it with ErgoShred, but users who take it with their typical caffeinated pre workout supplements have said that it just provides an extra edge.

    Taken alone, many people don’t feel much. But with the other stimulants, it brings things to the next level, and that’s why it’s in ErgoShred.

    As an FYI, N-Methyl-Tyramine comes from L-Tyramine, which in turn comes from the amino acid tyrosine. Like PLCAR, ErgoGenix decided to dig down and into the direct source of the part of the “tyrosine chain” that works so well on fat burn and energy.

  • Capsimax – Red Pepper Extract to Heat You Up… Minus the Sides!

    We’ve all been there at one point or another. You eat something that has too much hot red pepper, and you get hot, break out into a sweat, and there is pretty much nothing you can do besides wait it out.

    Clearly, there’s something thermogenic going on with red peppers to make you put off all of this heat.

    So curious scientists started digging, and what they found was capsaicin – the chemical extract that’s responsible for that heat.

    And it worked! Capsaicin was then studied and found to help people burn more energy and even suppress their appetites a bit too! In fact, studies showed it basically incinerating bodyfat!

    Heartburn – The Cayenne Pepper Problem

    So let’s toss it into ErgoShred, right?! Wrong.

    Why? Because it’s been tried and failed. It’s what supplement companies were doing back when these studies were getting published… but the side effects simply sucked. Awful heartburn, nasty “hot” burps, and worse, as you can imagine…

    Capsimax in ErgoShred - Our Review

    Capsimax – The Solution to the Cayenne Pepper Problem

    Introducing Capsimax

    That’s where Capsimax comes in. A patent-pending formula that has a special coating on the capsaicin so you don’t get the burn! The good stuff is not released until it’s been in your body longer, and not at the top of your digestive system.In short, you get the pros of the red hot chili pepper extract, without the cons.

    This is one of those cases where ErgoShred spends the extra dollar for your benefit. Well worth it.

    When everyone ditched the red pepper extract because of the sides, they lost a potent fat burner. ErgoGenix helps bring it back into the fold with the Capsimax in ErgoShred.

  • Zingerone – The Part of Ginger that Drops Fat!

    Nobody is going to argue the health benefits of ginger root – there are simply too many to count.

    But one benefit in particular was discovered when scientists were looking at the potent ginger extract named 6-gingerolIt was causing significant amounts of lipolysis. 6-gingerol is the part of ginger that gives it that unique aroma, and brings a major number of its benefits.

    Taking things further, if you cook the 6-gingerol, you get something even more potent: zingerone. And studies show that this uses a very unique pathway to burn fat, fight insulin resistance, and even prevent the storage of fat!

    The unique fat-burning pathway also uses norepinephrine, as mentioned above, so you will get a bit of a boost from this as well. It won’t feel any different than the NMT above, though, but it does help out. And since it’s not really in any other fat burners, it’s another bonus for ErgoShred uses!

  • BioPerine – The Absorption-Maximizing Extract from Black Peppers

    Finally, our last ingredient – BioPerine. This one is similar to Capsimax – it’s a trademarked extract that is a bit more expensive, but is targeted to do a couple of things:

    1. Create thermogenisis and burn energy.
    2. Increase the absorption of the other ingredients, making everything more effective.

    BioPerine increases the absorption and performance of other vitamins and supplements

    Black pepper has all sorts of stuff in it, just like red peppers and ginger. It’s the piperine that you want – just like capsaicin from red pepper and the 6-gingerol/zingerone from ginger.

    Most studies have BioPerine being used alongside the other extracts mentioned above. They induce a warming action that works via your adrenal pathways.

    But the most important part is that piperine / BioPerine increases the absorption of other vitamins and supplements that you take it with. One study with Coenzyme Q10 showed that it increased absorption by over 30%!

    It also works with ATP – the “energy molecule” in your body – to cause its thermogenic reactions.

    But at the end of the day, this is in ErgoShred so that it can maximize the benefits of everything else.

    Now here’s the catch – it’s tough to properly extract Piperine. Not a problem for the guys who make BioPerine – they get BioPerine to be 95% piperine, which is an incredible amount. ErgoShred is licensed to use this, and alongside caffeine, it makes every other ingredient that much better.

You can read more about each ingredient on the main Ingredients page.

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..or see the price compares to the right!

How to Take ErgoShred – My Experiences

Officially, you take 2-4 capsules 1-2 times per day, starting with the minimum and working up. But there’s a max of 6 capsules in a given day.

The basic trick is to let the caffeine numbers guide your dosage. At 50mg per capsule, it’s like a diet cola. Of course, the extra ingredients mentioned above will make you feel a whole lot better than a soda will.

So most people will want to start with 2 capsules – women can consider even just 1 if a soda gets you going.

You are NOT to mix this with other stimulant-based products — even coffee — and if you’re on prescription drugs, you better check with your doctor first. In fact, everyone should seek a doctor’s approval before beginning any new diet or supplementation program, since no statement on this site has been approved by the FDA.

Pro-Tip: BCAAs During Workout

To keep your muscles refreshed and to prevent them from breaking down, I like a BCAA drink during my workout. This is discussed on our ErgoShred Stack page. BCAAs are crucial for empty stomach workouts!

If working out in the morning, use this as your pre workout supplement. Most men find 3 capsules to be the sweet spot pre-workout. Mike is 6’0″, 185lbs, and loves 3 caps. As a 140lb woman at 5’7, my sweet spot is 2.

We’re also big fans of “fasted training”, or working out on an empty stomach (see the sidebar to the right). Doing this first thing in the morning can get you directly to fat burning!

Then, on the opposite end of the day, such as around 2pm, you can take an additional dose. If you took 4 capsules in the morning, keep this dosage to 2. It’s best taken before a meal.

If working out in the afternoon, just do the opposite. Take your preferred morning dosage before eating, and then, if you’re not working out too late, take it pre workout.

But if you are working out late, then the stimulants might keep you up… so your pre workout dosage might have to come a lot earlier. You will need to mess with this and adjust.

For me personally, 6pm is the latest I can take a capsule and not mess with my sleep. Your mileage will of course vary.

You can use this for 2 months on, and then it’s good to take a couple weeks off of all stimulants. This is a good “trial period” for your diet and training. You should be able to maintain your bodyfat and weight at this point. If not, then the diet is not yet perfected, and needs some work. After the off-cycle, you can get back on ErgoShred.

Over time, your tolerance to caffeine will build up, but for me, ErgoShred NEVER made me stop feeling incredible. This stuff is phenomenal in that aspect – as I’ve been saying – it’s more than just caffeine.


Now, what if I told you that everything you had just read was all for nothing. Well, if you’re not willing to fix your diet up, then that’s basically the truth. Sure, you can take ErgoShred and eat fast food all day. You’ll feel good from the capsules, but then you’ll feel awful from the food, like the vast majority of everyone on the “Western Diet”.

But if you’re serious about this, it’s time for a total lifestyle change. And that includes your everyday diet – no temporary fixes. So I’m not talking about starving yourself for a month. That does you NO good in the long-run, and actually teaches your body to store fat! It’s all about a healthy, sustainable diet that you can stick to (with minor adjustments) — forever.

Working for a nutrition company, I’ve learned a ton these past 6 months. And part of that is how much BS we’ve been fed all these years. The low-fat, high-sugar, processed food craze has been such a miserable failure for us, and we’re still having trouble getting away from it.

But the fact is, if you eat real WHOLE foods that have not been tortured, processed to death, or sprayed with chemicals, you’re going to get a ton of results – both on the inside and the outside. Less bodyfat, less disease, less sickness, more energy… you name it.

The Best Diet E-Book - Fat Loss Factor with Marc Lobliner!

Get this Free Book Below!

Get this Free Book Below!

Earlier this year, Mike partnered with Marc Lobliner, who wrote Fat Loss Factor- a free diet and training e-book that has taken the market by storm. Marc is a bodybuilder who puts all of his secrets down on paper, and Mike and I love to follow this diet with great success.

It consists of eating natural foods – mainly vegetables and lean, pastured meats – not tons of processed “food-like substances”. Quality fats, and healthy meats. Green, leafy vegetables – not grains.

It’s a simple plan… it almost seems too simple. But it works like crazy – especially when combined with ErgoShred!

Fact is, our culture has been complicating things far too much, when all we need to do is get back to mother nature’s food and away from all of the major agriculture that corporate America has been shoving down our throats.

The exercise in this book is more of a bodybuilder style weight training, but there are some incredible things such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) that seriously melts fat away. This leads me to the next discussion.

But first, if you’re interested in the diet plan, sign up for free below and we’ll email it to you immediately:

Click Here to Try ErgoShred at the best-priced store!

..or see the price compares to the right!

But I’m a Girl! Won’t Weightlifting Make Me Huge?

One of my biggest arguments with Mike is about the need to weightlift. I was always worried that I would get too bulky, and grow tons of muscle over my already-existing fat.

In short, the answer is that I was wrong. I didn’t believe him up until I started seeing the ErgoShred + Fat Loss Factor driven results.

Yeah, guys can get huge if they’re maniacs about their diets. But we girls get TONED – not huge. And when we tone muscle, we continue to burn fat far past our workouts, especially if we’re getting proper amounts of protein.

Constantly going slow and steady on the elliptical wasn’t doing the trick for me anyway, so I guess it was time to break down and try something new. Now that I mix in some occasional sprint cardio along with my weight training and slower cardio, I am seeing real results. Apparently a dash of muscle tone gets a lot of compliments!

That’s what I love about Marc’s Fat Loss Factor system. He will flat out tell you that “there are no absolutes in training.” There is no “best” workout. All workouts are good – but you need to mix them up, keep your body guessing, and yes, you do need to occasionally lift heavy and sprint if you really want to burn fat.

Sprinting and lifting doesn’t sound fun, but to be honest, these are the days I look forward to now! Nothing like popping 2 ErgoShred and hitting the weights. Sometimes I’m the only girl, but not usually – and the guys respect it like crazy! Reminds me of this picture from BB.com:

Amen! Go compare her to a marathon runner and tell me who you like best…

This has all been a bit of a shell-shock, but it’s working. Lifting is FUN!!! I don’t know about you, but for me, running 8 miles is NOT.

Skinny vs. Toned vs. “Skinny-Fat”

And that leads me to my next arguments with Mike – we love to argue about what kinds of people are truly sexy, and what different guys and girls like to see.

As a guy, Mike tells me that he doesn’t just want skinny. If you are constantly worried about “losing weight”, you will burn off your muscle too. These people who are “skinny fat” because they starve themselves are flat-out disgusting to him.

I’ve been there before, actually. The thing is, when you starve yourself, your body is programmed to save fat!! There’s a reason why the low-calorie, low-fat diet works for “losing weight”, but not for doing what we want to do – look sexy! Nobody cares about what you weigh – they care about how you look in that new dress and how you carry yourself!

Woman Weightlifting with ErgoShred

Lifting Leads to Sexiness, Ladies!

Lifting Leads to Sexiness, Ladies!

Turns out that skinny-fat is not attractive to nearly any guy who values his health. They’d actually rather see some “meat on the bones” alongside some muscle, than no meat and no muscle. But ideally… we want the perfect world of less fat and some muscle tone.

This toneness is tough to achieve, and I’m getting there… and I can definitely say that I now know it’s not impossible for me. I will never blame genetics again – I will simply blame my diet and training.

I now see why everyone looking to “lose weight” is already setting themselves up for failure. It’s NOT just about “losing weight” – it’s about burning bodyfat and keeping muscle tone! The scale is only one measurement to worry about! The mirror is far more important!

In the end, the women who are most attractive – assuming they don’t get too out of control with the muscle-building* – are the ones that you see combining resistance training like weightlifting and pilates along with both types of cardio (sprint and slow steady state).. hitting all muscles and keeping their systems guessing what’s next!

* Like the olympian sprinters in track and field – that’s a bit too much!

What I Think about Guys

And for me looking at the guys, it’s a similar thing. So many guys want to get huge. Look at the picture of any pro bodybuilder. I’m sure most of them are great guys who are obviously dedicated, but they’re not at all what I like to look at on a daily basis. I want someone who looks like an ATHLETE – not the incredible hulk.

ErgoShred Review - Sprinting

Who do YOU Think Naturally Attracts More People?

I personally enjoy the bodies of the middleweight MMA fighters… minus the cauliflower ear. Back to the track and field examples… I like the guys doing the decathlons – the all around athletes. Not the cyclists (too much boring cardio), not the powerlifters (too much mass), and certainly not the skin-and-bones marathoners. I want the athletes.Tell me that Ashton Eaton is not sexy. THAT is the body you guys need. All-around sexy and versatile. That guy can do it all!!!

The cool thing is that the Fat Loss Factor plan can get us all to these goals…

…and ErgoShred will get you there faster!

In conclusion

I’ve ranted for long enough. In the end, this stuff has made me feel like a Goddess for a month straight. I can’t say enough good things about it, and highly recommend you give it a month.

Thank you ErgoGenix. This has truly been a product I felt 100% comfortable writing about, because it is just that good.

Click Here to Try ErgoShred at the best-priced store!

..or see the price compares to the right!


You can read about the ErgoShred Ingredients, the user reviews where you can also add your own review, and an ErgoShred STACK page so that you can read about the best diet and supplement combination for energy and focus!

and Save Money Here!

You can also save money by shopping online. Using PricePlow.com’s price comparisons, we compare prices across dozens of trusted stores, helping you to save over 40% off retail, and avoid sales tax too!

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The ErgoShred Stack

We obviously love ErgoShred here – it’s designed to burn fat and motivate you to get incredible workouts in the gym. But there’s definitely more you can do, if you have the money to try.

Stacking is fun, and it seriously works if coupled with a natural diet and strong training program (a free one is provided for you on the sidebar of this site). Since this is a stack page, we’re going to talk more about supplements and less about food here, but note our insistence that your diet is truly the majority of your battle. This is bonus.

When it comes to The ErgoShred Stack, we’re going to focus on burning fat, since it’s what most people on this site are looking for. …

ErgoShred Ingredients

When I first tried ErgoShred, I instantly knew something special was in here.

After about 10 days, the results proved this. I was noticeably trimming fat (nothing epic, but hey, it wasn’t even two weeks yet), having better workouts, “unconsciously” eating smarter, and focusing more at work too!

At that point, I hadn’t yet researched all of these ingredients, and admittedly, a couple of them are a bit scary sounding.

But when I drilled down to research and write an article on this site for each individual ingredient, it really became simple. The key points to the ErgoShred ingredients are this:

This truly is a “feel-good” fat burner thanks to a few certain ingredients discussed below. My awesome mood wasn’t just happenstance.

Jitter-Free, Clean…

ErgoShred Reviews

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ErgoShred is still relatively new (as of summer 2012), but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t picked up some incredible reviews in such a short amount of time. As we write this, it’s sporting a 9.5 average on the sites we’ve surveyed, which is pretty much unheard of…. but not totally surprising given how well it was formulated.

Let’s start with the important stuff – how it works as a FAT BURNER:

ErgoShred Reviews on Fat Loss

Used ErgoShred on a cut that lasted a month. I lost 8 pounds of it, but dieted pretty aggressively. I did a good bit of HIIT cardio, and had a high …

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ErgoShred is the ultimate “good-mood fat burner” from ErgoShred. In our ErgoShred Review, we go over why it is such an incredible fat burner, and how it’s helped us burn bodyfat while maintaining healthy muscle tone thanks to an incredible diet plan, offered free on this site!

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